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W.K. returns to the stage at The Houston Fringe Festival this September!

Join us for a show that has been hailed as “one of the most astonishing and innovative pieces of theater to come along in Austin in quite a while”  ( review). 

We’re on for just 2 nights so make sure to get your tickets HERE

September 23, 10:30pm, Frenetic Theatre (102 Navigation Blvd, Houston)

September 24, 6pm, Frenetic Theatre (102 Navigation Blvd, Houston)

For more information, email or call us: 610.574.9052

We can’t wait to see you in Houston!



What makes a great tragedy? High hopes? Hard luck? Harrowing, inevitable fate? Gale Theatre Co. set out to explore the secrets of tragedy and, along the way, made a play about it. Part hero’s journey and part never ending stair case, Wail asks the question, how do we bare our humanity—humanely?

When a young woman arrives in an unfamiliar and strange town, she can’t remember where she came from or how she got there. Time passes, seasons change, and she assumes a new life. As she learns more about the outside world, she also slowly discovers the truth of her past.

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WINNER for Best Non-Traditional Theatre, 2015 Central Texas Excellence in Theater Awards



W.K. is a play about love. Driven by movement, W.K. follows a 7- year romance from beginning to end. Filled with swing dancing, karaoke, sex, revenge, and lots of kissing, it asks the question: how does your first love change you and can you ever return to the way you were before?

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Premiered at the New Orleans Fringe Festival (November 2013)
Performed at The VORTEX (January 2014)
Performed at The Houston Fringe (September 2015)

Nominated for Best Drama, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards
Nominated for Best Choreography, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards
Nominated for Best Choreography, 2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Non-Traditional Theatre,  2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Lighting Design, 2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Original Script, 2014 Broadway World Austin Awards
Nominated for Best Original Score, 2014 Broadway World Austin Awards

W.K. is available for touring. For more information, contact us. 
W.K. photos credits: Jason Amato



Florence tells the story of Florence Lawrence, America's "First Movie Star". Through dance, video, and physical theater, Florence explores fame, old hollywood, and what it means to be truly "remembered". A collaboration between Gale Theatre and the City of Austin.

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Nominated for Best Media Design, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards



The Gale Theatre ensemble creates work through a deep and ongoing engagement with physical training.  We believe that great work comes from the body and in order to be grow as artists, we must practice. Some methods we love and make a part of our ongoing practice: The Viewpoints, Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Butoh, Grotowski, Modern Dance, and Impulse Training.

Gale Theatre Physical Actor Training begins in March! Sign up now!

This 6 week course will help actors improve their balance, coordination, endurance, focus, ensemble awareness, vocal range, and presence onstage. 

The central tools used for learning will be The Viewpoints and Suzuki Method of Actor Training (descriptions below). Katherine Wilkinson has trained in the Viewpoints and Suzuki with Anne Bogart and the SITI company, The Suzuki Company of Toga, as well as Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (Australia). The combination of the Viewpoints and Suzuki method together create an actor who is both incredibly strong and wildly flexible. 

The training room is an inclusive and supportive space that welcomes anyone who wants to challenge themselves and engage in professional and personal growth. Whether you work in theatre, film, dance, or another type of performance, honing your physical skills is essential to being present and versatile onstage. The course is open to all who wish to explore their physical capabilities and is highly recommended for actors (film and theatre), dancers, movers, directors, musicians, designers, teachers, and students. 

When: Saturdays, 10:30am-12:30pm
Dates: March 12, March 19, April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23
Location: A private studio in Travis Heights
Cost: $125
How to Register: To register for the course, you must fill out  our google form and then pay a $25 deposit. The remaining balance will be due on or before the first class. 
Registration Link:


Public Workshops & Private Coaching

Our team of teaching artists offer a large number of workshops along with private coaching in any of our physical theatre and creation methods. We also offer monologue coaching and audition preparation. These trainings are open to people of all ages. For more information on course details and availability, please contact us. 


Gale Theatre Co. is dedicated to training actors, presenting new works, and community collaboration. We strive to make performance that is aesthetically arresting, emotionally compelling, physically daring, and ensemble driven.  

Want to train with us or make new work?
Want to make a donation to our upcoming season?
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Please contact us.

Producing Artistic Director | Katherine Wilkinson

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