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Set to the hymns of Kanye West, TWENTYEIGHT is the story of six Black people separated from their homes in search of outer space. As they work to build their space craft, they live in constant fear of the sirens and what comes after the sirens are gone.

TWENTYEIGHT is inspired by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement research that concluded in 2012 a Black person was murdered in the United States of America every 28 hours by a police officer or vigilante. TWENTYEIGHT is an afro-futuristic look at police brutality and racial violence in the United States. TWENTYEIGHT asks us, who will survive in the America we are building? And how do we hang on to hope when fear is on the only constant?




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What does a wise woman do when she is left alone to grieve? What does a woman do when her identity has been stripped from her? When her body has become a weapon of death, incest, and fury, how does she find reprieve?

In Gale’s production, Salomé’s story begins after the death of John The Baptist. It starts when she has been left alone to grieve. On her own, Salomé identifies herself and learns what it means to have agency in her own body. She reconciles the truth about her past, present, and future.  

Nominated for Best Choreography, B.Iden Payne Awards 2016
Nominated for Best Lighting Design, B.Iden Payne Awards 2016


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Gale Theatre Co produced several music videos for Austin based musician, Mobley, in 2015.

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Produced, Art Directed, Co-Choreographed and Co-Directed by Katherine Wilkinson
WINNER Best Austin Video, Austin Music Video Awards 2016

Produced & Art directed by Katherine Wilkinson

Produced by Katherine Wilkinson 



Merica is a solo comedy cabaret that traverses the history of US pop culture one sitcom at a time. How does one man's journey through this country intersect with our most popular cultural characters?

MERICA has been performed twice in Brisbane, Australia at METRO Arts in 2011 and The Anywhere Theatre festival in 2012. In 2015, Gale Theatre Co updated, adapted and shifted pieces for Merica to see it's first US audiences.  

Written by Morgan Rose
Devised by Earl Kim and Morgan Rose
Performed by Earl Kim
Directed by Katherine Wilkinson 




What makes a great tragedy? High hopes? Hard luck? Harrowing, inevitable fate? Gale Theatre Co. set out to explore the secrets of tragedy and, along the way, made a play about it. Part hero’s journey and part never ending stair case, Wail asks the question, how do we bare our humanity—humanely?

When a young woman arrives in an unfamiliar and strange town, she can’t remember where she came from or how she got there. Time passes, seasons change, and she assumes a new life. As she learns more about the outside world, she also slowly discovers the truth of her past.

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WINNER for Best Non-Traditional Theatre, 2015 Central Texas Excellence in Theater Awards



Florence tells the story of Florence Lawrence, America's "First Movie Star". Through dance, video, and physical theater, Florence explores fame, old hollywood, and what it means to be truly "remembered". A collaboration between Gale Theatre and the City of Austin.

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Nominated for Best Media Design, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards



W.K. is a play about love. Driven by movement, W.K. follows a 7- year romance from beginning to end. Filled with swing dancing, karaoke, sex, revenge, and lots of kissing, it asks the question: how does your first love change you and can you ever return to the way you were before?

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Premiered at the New Orleans Fringe Festival (November 2013)
Performed at The VORTEX (January 2014)
Performed at The Houston Fringe (September 2015)

Nominated for Best Drama, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards
Nominated for Best Choreography, 2014 B.Iden Payne Awards
Nominated for Best Choreography, 2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Non-Traditional Theatre,  2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Lighting Design, 2014 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best Original Script, 2014 Broadway World Austin Awards
Nominated for Best Original Score, 2014 Broadway World Austin Awards

W.K. is available for touring. For more information, contact us. 
W.K. photos credits: Jason Amato

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